Merry Christmas

This has always been my favorite time of day. The stillness of the morning just before the sun breaks the winter horizon. Bare limbs of winter try to hold back the light but it passes like water over my hands. There is a strong smell of hickory and the sweetness of fresh baked breads still holding the air. No stirring of child, wife or critter, for now the moment is mine.
Christmas morning evolves over time. The changes offer a reflection on memories, some of those who are no longer with us. Some of the fondness of the childhood excitement offered by predawn raids to the tree and stocking. Memories of our family crowded together with aunts serving as wardens of the room to restrain our early scouting. Grandparents sleeping on the bottom bunks with flashlight in hand. Another treacherous tripwire in our childhood efforts to find what Santa had left for us.
Our lives do change and our loves do grow. Some of the greatest gifts were always with us. Enjoy your gifts. Hold them close to your heart. Let them grow into the life that that they will lead.
Merry Christmas from my gifts to you and yours.


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