July ’16

The lightening brightened the room and thunder shook me out of the bed this morning.  We’ve been in a repeating line of thunderstorms that have supplied much needed rains the last week.  There isn’t a deficit in our summer rainfall totals now but that could change in a heartbeat.

I pulled all my garlic and dug a couple of rows of potatoes last week.  They cure in the barn awaiting a sorting and a move to the root cellar.  The garlic didn’t set any records for quality and the potatoes were few but were nearly perfect in that they lacked any insect damage.  Out tomatoes are starting to trickle in.  We had our first vine rip before the first of the month.  With the hot and wet weather they have exploded in their weed like way.

My bee hives are a buzzing.  I pulled a few frames during my last inspection.  The frames I pulled were a messy lot.  Burr comb and some comb that was doubled up on the outside of the hive box.  I ended up with a little over a gallon and a half of some very buttery sweet honey.

I’m fairly pleased with my bee education.  I’ve learned some painful lessons.  It looks like I may have five healthy hives going into this fall.  I know I had one hive that swarmed this spring but what remained has rebounded and may very well be my healthiest.

The county fair is coming up next week.  This will be my daughters last for showing hogs.  She has decided that she’s too busy with school, work, boyfriend, ect. to continue showing;  Bittersweet for me.  I enjoy watching the kids with their critters.  We’ve been involved with 4H and FFA for ten years or so.  I won’t miss being tied to the fairgrounds for a week every summer though.  It will be nice to be able to go out for the evening and visit at the fair instead of having to be there.





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