What’s Got Your Goat


We are trying something a little different.  Theresa has often talked about fiber goats.  I just don’t think she thought about getting this into them.  She thought more likely a retirement project than something for immediate consumption.

We took a little plunge into the unknown with this Angora buck, that I have started calling Little Richard.  He hadn’t been shorn in a long while, so the fleece was very matted and full of sticks, burrs, mud and a pocket of grain.  Luckily there was a goat under all that.  His skin condition was much better than I had assumed.

Our friend Livy gifted us another Angora doe with a cross bred kid in tow.  Thankfully we have Livy around to mentor us on our crash course in goat101.

I’ve got some new learning ahead of me here.  One note of interest to me;  the old saying about a pig tight fence does not apply to goats.


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