Giving thanks for the morning. Not so strangely, I do this every morning with a cup of coffee and a prayer of gratitude for another breath drawn, regardless of what any calendar may say. I especially feel gratitude this morning for a life so richly blessed.

We will have a small portion of our family with us this evening for a meal. A gathering that will have an over abundance of fine food served in a warm and dry home. Clean, sweet well water and an assortment of nice wines made by our friends from the other side of the river valley. A wood stove with the smells of oaks and hickory adding to the pleasant scents of spices and a big fat turkey slowly roasting in the oven. My parents, both still obstinately walking against the drag of time and gravity, will be here. Mom helping in the kitchen, Dad throwing uninvited comments at mom from a perch not far from the action. His face cracking a slight grin at the tumultuous response from her.

So it is a national day of Thanksgiving. A day so closely removed from a week of turmoil, vitriol and disbelief. A week that has had me looking inside as images and words of my corner of the world are seething. I choose not to hate. I choose to pray for those who are in pain, fear or ignorance. I choose to pray for peace and to work for peace in all those who I have contact with. I pray for an attitude that will allow me to grow as a human being. A long time ago I was told by a very wise old man wearing a pair of bib overalls and peering at me over the top of his thick glasses that I would have to choose a life; be it a palace or a pigsty. It was a matter of choice. It is ALWAYS a choice. That choice is a gift from God. Freewill to choose just how I will carry myself as I trudge a road of happy destiny. Not everyone sees their choice. They are sometimes blocked from the light of day. I am blocked at many times in my life. I do recall with crystal clarity the faintest pinhole of light that eventually guided me to choose the palace. It was nothing more than a narrow beam shining through a keyhole in utter darkness in my mind. It led to a door. It led to choice.

Choose to love.

Happy Thanksgiving



  1. Ed said,

    November 27, 2014 at 8:55 AM


  2. Annie said,

    November 27, 2014 at 6:19 PM

    Wonderfully said Woody! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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