Not Falling Down

The past four or five years I’ve let time get away from me when it comes to putting my garlic in the ground.  I usually forget, or it’s too wet, or whatever lame excuse I can conjure up. The bulbs I saved had ended up getting planted in the last days of winter in the greenhouse and pulled in early June.  The quality of the garlic has degraded steadily to the point that I felt like throwing some money at some new bulbs.

I actually tilled and planted the new Music and some other dang variety I can’t recall, in the first bed upon entering our garden.    Got them in the ground and marked the rows and the rains came.  Perfect!  As soon as the peek out of the ground I’ll mulch the rows with straw.

This week I’ll load up our asparagus bed with a thick layer of straw to burn off.  We don’t cut back any of the ferns, just lay out a thick mat of straw, fluff it up and burn it off.  It cleans up the bed so pests and critters (rabbits) don’t have a place to overwinter and the weeds have been far more manageable.  The next day I wet down the bed to snuff out any hot spots, add a layer of compost and recover with another layer of straw.  Now I’m all ready for spring when I will again burn off the old straw and a layer of leaf litter.



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