Turning Japanese

We have a house guest for the next month.  Michi, a thirteen year old LABO exchange student from Japan.


She has shown great patience in learning english and sharing her culture with us.  I’m amazed at how little we truly know of Japanese culture.




I can only imagine her level of frustration in not being to effortlessly communicate with those around her.  So far she hasn’t shown any signs of being overly irritated with being immersed into a foreign language.  When I was in high school we had an exchange student from Mexico that spent the year with us.  When he arrived he had no previous teachings in english.  Almost three weeks into his stay he walked in the kitchen one morning and said,  “Morning mom and dad, what’s to eat?”  We all turned and looked at him wide eyed and smiling in disbelief at his progress.  He was able and willing to think in english after that short time period.  Immersion works, but can be frustrating for both parties.





  1. Ed said,

    August 4, 2013 at 6:24 PM


    My parents had a couple of foreign exchange students over the years and they have all been very positive experiences. Perhaps when my children are older, my wife and I can do that again. I wish I had done something like that when I was young.

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