Sweeeeet corn


The corn is high.  The berries are ripe.  The peaches are damn near falling off the trees.  The greenbeans are getting canned or frozen by the five gallon bucket full.  A good garden year so far.  Haven’t had to water anything and the usual suspects from the world of pests have been minimal.


I am paying the price for my laziness of not having started my own tomatoes.  I bought two flats from a local nursery this spring.  One was Roma’s and one was supposed to be Cherokee Purple.  The Roma’s were true, but I soon found clusters of flowers on the suspect Cherokees.  I knew that I had some strangers in the ground but was hoping that they might be Risentrauabe.  I was SO wrong!  Little yellow pear tomatoes appeared.   I hate those little yellow things.  So out of a flat of 30 plants I ended up with three Cherokee Purple plants and a butt load of yellow pears.

I did contact the nursery to let them know of the problem and they want to make it right for me.  I really like these people and they have shown me why I should trust those gut feelings I get about folk.  Refreshing to see people own up to mistakes , try to figure out how it happened and making a sincere effort to appease a customer.

Theresa has been making kraut and experimenting with kimchi.  She made some ass burning batches last week.  The house still has the heavy odor of kraut hanging on.  I love the looks on visitors faces when they hit the door.


We have a few meat birds and some of our remaining cockerels  to butcher in the coming days.  As we get the new coop finished in the barn I will clean up and move what remains of our hens.  We haven’t added any new birds to our layers in quite some time.  It will be nice to add some new life to the old flock.

I’m mostly looking forward to the retirement of the old coop.  I will move it to a corner of the garden where it will take on new life as a tool shed.  After the move I will be able to remove the deer netting that covered the run and train the grape vines to a new trellis.  As it is the cutting of grapes was near impossible because the vine has become one with the netting.  Our garden area will become a bit larger and much more serviceable because the coop was just in the wrong spot.



  1. Ed said,

    July 19, 2013 at 8:39 PM

    Never eaten one of those yellow pear tomatoes but I’m guessing even if they are poor tasting compared to their cousins, they are probably a darn site tastier than the watery tasteless ones our local grocery store carries.

    • Woody said,

      July 20, 2013 at 10:42 AM

      They’re not that bad. It just bothers me that they are doing so well and the lack of the Cherokee Purples. The purples are my favorite.

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