We pretty much finished the front face of the barns siding yesterday.  The first weekend in January a friend has offered the use of his boom lift so we can complete the south facade, last piece of roof tin and facia boards.  I moved the 8×8 posts for the west side lean-to onto the slab.  Thankfully they’ve lost a little of their weight since June.  They’re still damn heavy!


I have figured out how I want to build the doors.  I recon I’ll get a start on the loft doors first considering that I have the hardware to hang them already.

Last week I pulled all the fence posts and panels from the old hog pen.  I’ll be setting up the new layout in the coming days.  I’ll only want to set what won’t get in our way for adding the east side lean-to.  I’m thinking that we will have two paddocks initially.  One directly off the east side and another down hill and off the south side of the barn.  I won’t have any shelter off the south side for a while so that may work out as a good exercise area for Katy to work with the hogs.

I have yet to start getting the corner of the barn prepped for moving the chickens inside.  I won’t be able to establish an outside run until the lean-to is up.  Maybe with the forecast calling for an extended streak of some nasty weather it might not be a bad idea to get them set up inside.  I abhor hauling water out daily when it is very cold.  I would have to do just that if I don’t run a heater out to the greenhouse.  At least I’ve got the cords running out to the barn now.  I don’t want to have extension cords running all over the damned place anymore than I do now.

On electric;  I should be able to have the line trenched in by weeks end.  The guy I had lined up to run his trencher in has fallen off the face of the earth.  Most likely because it’s now black powder season.  He’s out in the woods again.  Very normal around these parts that most trades will be lacking participates in the completion of their work during hunting seasons.

On the saddest of news.  My old friend Cody has started to fade.  He’s beginning to lose his abilities to move around much.  Very labored and obviously in pain.  Just yesterday he turned away from food.  I’ve called our vet to see what he thinks, but I fear his time has come.  These decisions are the ones that I hate the most in regards to having dogs.

He is a good boy.



  1. Ed said,

    December 23, 2012 at 5:09 PM

    The Barn looks excellent and the capital B in barn was on purpose. It truly is a barn.

    Sorry to hear about Cody. Always hard when that time comes.

  2. Annie said,

    December 23, 2012 at 10:00 PM

    So sorry to hear about Cody. I pray his time to come is peaceful.

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