The concrete has been poured.  The last of the rough cut order has been delivered.  I have a mess of stacking on my plate to get the lumber dried.  I’ve had some surface mold on a couple of bundles that have sat for too long in the sun.  Strapped together, with the amount of moisture that is naturally in the wood and the heat,  provides a perfect storm for mold growth.  Theresa used a 10% bleach and water spray on some of the worst offenders while we stacked over the weekend.

The weekend gave us an inch and a quarter of rain.  A very welcome addition for the garden.  The job site didn’t suffer from the effects.  It helped a bit with the amount of dust though.

I’ll be getting a garden update post together in the next couple of days.  The rain really made things pop.  I was out last evening hoeing the corn rows.  Looks like a good year for sweet corn!

**post update:  I had marked a few trees to be pushed out and left where they fell.  Simple instruction I thought.  Instead of seeing a dozen trees pushed over where I can cut them for firewood they get pushed off the ridge to the south of the new barn.  Not only did this make it very inconvenient for cutting but in the process of shoving the trees where I didn’t want them the “operator” skinned some very nice hickory trees and some old dogwoods were completely rolled over and busted at the trunk.  Now I have root wad and tree strewn across the side of a rocky, steep, copperhead infested hillside.  I am not a happy camper right now!


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