Wildwood nights

What a great night at Wildwood! We have been to 20 or so shows at Wildwood Springs Lodge over the past few years and been blessed with many nuggets for our memory chest. Well this night had something above the rest.

Guy Clark and Verlon Thompson treated us to an evening of their songs. These guys write songs that I just love. Painting pictures with very few but soulfully selected words that can make me laugh or tear up.

After two sets of their songs we just thought we were full. Verlon joined in with three really fine pickers in the lobby till damned near two in the morning. I’m sure he would have played all night long had not the staff asked them to shut it down. There was some minor detail about guests with rooms directly above us trying to sleep. Dumbasses!

We all sat around sometimes singing along to tunes we all knew or just quietly mesmerized by one we were not acquainted with like Verlon’s song written for his wife, “Get to you waltz” It was a fantastic night. The Guitar. He Left The Road. Joe Walkers Mare. Worry Be Gone. Old Friends.

I was going to post more photos from my brothers camera but I have run into some technical gremlin trying to download them from his memory card…damn the luck.

Here’s a little of Verlon.


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