Last night we were treated to an outstanding evening of music from the Steeldrivers. I have a new favorite for my play list. They simply blew me outta the water. I had heard a couple of their songs on our local public radio station KMST, but the total package was more than I expected.

We are definitely looking forward to hearing them again at Wildwood Springs Lodge later this year for the Family Bluegrass Festival.

We had planned on going to this show for a couple of weeks and had purchased tickets before hand. On the way home from Katy’s basketball tournament I was listening to KDHX radio out of St. Louis. They offered a pair of free tickets to me, the lucky third caller. Unfortunately someone dropped the ball because our names were not on the guest list. We had invited our friends Katie and Clyde to join us and use the freebies. To the theater staff goes kudos for making up for KDHX’s screw up.

This is the second time that KDHX has screwed up on getting us on their guest list for winning tickets. Last time we drove all the way into St. Louis to see the Mississippi Allstars. Unfortunately the staff at the venue wasn’t as gracious as our hosts last night. I followed up on the screw up with a call to the offices to see if they might consider us for a comp pass to another show. That call wasn’t returned. I’ll probably call again so the next guy doesn’t look like a total schmuck to his date.

I guess our membership checks will make their way towards these guys.


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  1. January 11, 2009 at 9:18 PM

    Woody, I nominated you for an award, you can learn more over at my blog. Hope you have time to accept. Thanks,Chris

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