Spring weekend…Winter Monday

This weekend we were blessed with beautiful weather. Sunny and in the 70’s with a nice wind that really helped to firm up the soggy ground. I was able to place my corner posts for our new anti-critter fence. The giant rats with hooves have ramped up their attacks on the fruit trees and anything else they can chew on. It was a lean year for acorns and with a neighbor that feeds the damned things they are staying close to their free corn.

Ron at Homesteading Hickory Hills said that Caddyshack came to mind when I was ranting about the damned deer. Claymores and guard towers are not in the plans for our garden this year….. Yet.

It is tough to blame them for wanting to much on our plot. They are just doing what comes natural. But the nice old feller that wastes all that feed corn for his viewing pleasure is definitely not blameless. He is a nice man. We have talked about the consequences of feeding wild critters. He has feed them for several years now and they work a regular route that just happens to cross a state highway that divides his acreage from ours. Their trail also crosses the highway in a blind curve. I have helped to load two deer carcasses into trucks for the folks that happen to hit and kill them in this curve. Thank God no one has been injured, except the deer, in these collisions. One very serious accident did take place there last year. A young boy driving too fast for the curve says he swerved to miss a doe near roadside. His car landed topside down on the opposite side of the highway. He was very fortunate that his trajectory took him in the ONLY path that would provide an injury free result. He missed trees and a concrete bridge buttress and there was no oncoming traffic.

Having pointed out the number of deer killed and the near misses, the neighbor just doesn’t see his roll in it all.

Last night we had the windows open till we went to bed. This morning the cold air and precipitation has returned. So much for our mini-spring break. The forecast is calling for a fair amount of snow from this storm. I would rather have a foot of snow than anymore ice.


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