Guitar heaven

We went to our favorite venue in the world for a concert Saturday night. Tony Rice and Peter Rowan played for a good three hours of fun in the living room like lobby of the old hotel.

Tony Rice is one of the best flat pickers in the world and he proved it again Saturday. For anyone who enjoys bluegrass and newgrass a long listen to Rice would be well worth your while.

As for Peter Rowan who has worked with Bill Monroe, Vassar Clements, Jerry Garcia and John Guerin and written Midnight Moonlight, Panama Red and many, many more, well this guy just has a set of pipes that is unbelievable.

He came on stage wearing a seersucker suit. There are not too many people on this planet that can make seersucker look cool. This guy pulls it off with no problem.

If you have never been to a show at Wildwood I would ask that you give it a shot. Just try to imagine having a private concert in your living room with maybe 150 of your closest friends. This is an experience that is well worth the cost.

We’re just fortunate enough to live right down the road.


1 Comment

  1. pat said,

    October 31, 2007 at 5:58 PM

    Tony Rice is the best!

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