The fair is next week. Katy hopes that Rocket shows well and that she can get a decent price for him. The other two will be around till this fall when they will take the trip to Swiss for processing.

Katy has a full fair schedule. Starting Sunday we have barn clean up for the hog barn and chicken house.

Wednesday is the parade and weigh-ins.

Thursday she shows Rocket and sings the National Anthem at the Queen contest.

Friday she shows her chicken. In between all this are the rides, eating all junk, and more rides.

Saturday,,,, Dad crashes.

I don’t know where she comes up with the names for our critters, but they sure are fun. The dogs are Sandy and Biscuit. The pigs are Rocket, Petey and Snickers. Her hen is Goldie. No telling what the next bunch of chicks will get tagged with. I’m sure she will name them all.


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