B&M Cafe

I remember hanging upside down with my legs hooked on a rail out in front of the old cafe that my grandmother owned in Cuba. My brother and I would watch the army trucks rolling down Rt. 66 to and from Fort Leonard Wood swinging from our knees.

The restaurant was also the Greyhound bus stop. I thought it was so cool that people were going places I hadn’t been to. That bus was like the Concorde to me.

I can also remember that the grandkids had free run on the ice cream, and the pinball machine always had an unlimited number of games on it for us to play. I had to stand on a chair to see the action.

The photo shows my Grandma behind the counter on the left and my Mom on the right, also behind the counter. The cafe has been but a memory for a long time. The building still stands although it is now a hair salon.

It’s funny how history repeats itself. My brother and his wife opened a restaurant about four years ago. Friscos Pub and Grill sit one block east and south of the old cafe. They have done a wonderful job in a very tough business. I know I’m family, but they have the best steaks and wonderful chicken wings.


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